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D-LUX Goggles-in-a-Bottle

D-LUX Goggles-in-a-Bottle

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The DMC D-LUX Goggles-in-a-Bottle range of swimming goggles offer the swimmer ultimate comfort and fit while reducing reflections and glare, indoor or outdoor, pool or open water, for training or racing.

Included with these super comfortable goggles is a DMC thermo-flask bottle printed with days of the week and an attached whiteboard marker to keep track of your training sets, and hydrate you too.

D-LUX Goggle Features:

  • Anti-fog coated lenses for ultra clear vision.
  • 100% UV Protection against all harmful UVA & UVB radiation (not on clear lens)
  • Super soft silicone gasket seals for maximum comfort.
  • Lightweight polycarbonate lens.
  • DMC HydroSight lens shape for excellent peripheral vision.
  • Dual anchor soft silicone, fully adjustable head strap.
  • Soft microfibre storage pouch for after swimming protection and cleaning your lenses when dry.

Thermo-Flask Bottle Features:

  • Keep your drink hot or cold.
  • Write your daily training sets, or motivational remarks on your DMC D-LUX bottle and place the bottle at the end of your lane.
  • Great for pool or gym workouts.



After trying, testing and offering various models of swimming goggles for sale under the DMC fins brand for many years, Don McCredie, DMC fins founder, owner, and chief inventor found an exceptionally comfortable pair of goggles that needed to be added to the DMC fins range - the DMC D-LUX swimming goggles.

WHY are the D-LUX goggles sold in a bottle?

For three decades Don and his designers have created many styles of swim fins and aquatic accessory products and with the emphasis on environmental impact of single use plastic packaging, it became evident that the simple swimming goggle, of which there are hundreds if not thousands of styles available globally - need not be sold in any packaging at all. So DMC D-LUX Goggles-in-a-Bottle was created.

Not only do you receive an exceptionally comfortable pair of swimming goggles that can be used for training indoor or outdoor, pool or open water and for training or racing - but they come with a beautiful microfiber cleaning bag and are placed inside a thermo-flask bottle which also doubles as your personalised training whiteboard equipped with marker pen on a carabiner attached to the lid.

Take your daily training program or your best motivational notes to the poolside with your DMC Bottle.

We know you will enjoy your D-LUX GOGGLES-IN-A-BOTTLE that come in 4 lens models to suit all conditions.

They will arrive at your choice of destination in a beautiful recyclable cardboard box.

DMC fins - MAX SPEED  |  LESS FATIGUE  |  SUPER COMFORT and always developing industry first products to aide your swimming training! 💡


Please choose carefully as RETURNS will not be accepted when the bottle seal is broken.

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